Remember, safety always comes first! It ‘s super important to use our products with caution and care. We want to make sure you have a blast at your events, but we also want to make sure you and your guests stay safe and sound.

So, when you get your hands on one of our awesome products, take a minute to read through all the safety info that comes with it. We put a lot of effort into making sure you know exactly how to use our stuff without any worries.

Some of our items might look pretty tempting to curious kids or pets, but it’s best for everyone if they stay out of reach.

When you’re not using our products, find them a nice spot in a cool, dry place. Storing them away from any heat or flames is the way to go for our cannons and flash products etc.

We’re all about making sure your events and performances shine, but safety is our top priority. Thank you for choosing The Effects Shop for all your special effects and event needs. We can’t wait to help you make your next event totally unforgettable!


    At The Effects Shop, we are proud to offer the largest range of smoke emitters in Australia. Our collection of colour smoke emitters is perfect for photographers, SFX technicians, and anyone in need of creating stunning visual effects. With a variety of durations and colours available, you can bring your creative vision to life with ease.

    Our smoke emitters are designed to burn slowly, emitting plumes of safe, non-toxic coloured smoke. You can choose from a range of colours including blue, orange, yellow, red, green, dark grey, and more. Whether you need a 45-second burst or a 6-minute spectacle, we have the perfect smoke emitter for your specific requirements.

    It's important to note that while our smoke emitters are safe and non-toxic, they do burn hot and can stain nearby objects. We recommend using them on non-flammable surfaces such as aluminium pie trays to prevent any potential staining. Additionally, we provide detailed instruction sheets with each order to ensure safe and responsible usage.

    For added versatility, our colour smokes are compatible with each other, allowing you to create custom colour combinations and effects. Whether you're working on photography projects, film productions, or special effects displays, our smoke emitters are a valuable addition to your creative toolkit.  In addition to our standard smoke emitters, we also offer perfumed smoke for a sensory dimension, as well as clean smoke that's suitable for testing in sensitive areas without leaving any residue. We even have a 6-minute white smoke emitter available for specialized applications such as pipe leak and tunnel testing.

    To enhance your experience with our smoke emitters, we offer reusable smoke cartridge holders as well as disposable options for added convenience. These accessories ensure a hassle-free and safe usage of our smoke emitters, allowing you to focus on your creative projects without worry.

    At The Effects Shop, we are committed to providing high-quality smoke emitters and accessories that meet the diverse needs of our customers. Whether you're a professional photographer, special effects artist, or hobbyist, you can trust our products to deliver impressive results every time. Get in touch with us today to explore our full range of smoke emitters and unleash your creativity like never before.

    Smoke colours listed are the ONLY colours available.

    WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND BLUE FLAME/JET LIGHTERS TO LIGHT YOUR SMOKE EMITTERS, $2 shop, service stations, newsagents or you can grab one from us.  $2.95 each Random colour will be sent.

    mark lighter

    45 SECOND WHITE OR ORANGE Small volume smoke, great for indoor use in SFX,  props etc. Size: 20mm plus 15mm base (total 35mm) x 14mm OD.   Cannot be used with the smoke cartridge holder. If using in our Smoke Cup, just crush a small amount.    (4 cubic metres)  $7.95 each

    90 SECOND WHITE OR ORANGE (17 cubic metres) size: 32mm x 18mm OD $9.00 each 3 MINUTE WHITE OR COLOURED - BLUE, ORANGE, YELLOW, RED (ALSO USED AS PINK), WHITE, DARK GREY. Dark Grey is sometimes referred to as Black, but in reality it IS more of a dark grey.   Size: 62mm x 18mm OD, 35 cubic metres of smoke. $18.00 each 4 MINUTE WHITE OR COLOURED SMOKE,  Same colours as 3 minute. 70 Cubic Metres of smoke, 62 x 30mm tube. $28.00 each

    PERFUMED SMOKE  For leak testing, adds another dimension – smell, as well as sight.  Please note the smell is more of an industrial perfume used to detect leaks along with visual smoke.   45 second $7.95   90 second  $9.25 , 3 minute $18.00, 4 minute $28.00

    CLEAN SMOKE A test smoke so clean from chlorides it is  suitable to test in server rooms and other sensitive areas. Ideal for the air balancing industry, HVAC professionals etc.  The smoke particulate is of a dry and solid nature and will not leave behind any oils or messy residue on sensitive areas.  The  smoke is white to light grey and is reflective and easily observed and photographed. 45 sec $8.50. 90 sec $10.00. 3 minute $20.00, 4 minute $30.00

    LARGEST smoke available……400 cubic metres, 6 minutes duration! Used for pipe leak/tunnel testing. Movies/SFX.  YOU MUST advise us of your intended use in the comments section at checkout. Video has been edited.    $190.00

    If you need to light our colour smokes electronically….check out our Smoke Emitter Ignition Kit




    Great for photographers who want a re-usable holder.  Simply screw into the base of the smoke emitters. Not suitable for 45 sec or 6 minute smoke.  $12.00 each.

    Simply drop your smoke emitter into the holder.  Holders can get warm, so if uncomfortable, just place on a flat, nonflammable surface. Please note we restrict the number of these tubes to the number of smoke emitters ordered.  They only ship with smoke emitter orders.  Available in 3 min and 4 minute versions.
    $2.50 each.
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  • Flash Paper Sheets

    ALL ITEMS ON THIS PAGE CANNOT SHIP EXPRESS!! Choosing Express at checkout will see your order delayed while we get in touch with you.


    Best PRODUCT, Best PRICE.  All below are 25 x 20cm sheets  Packets of 4 sheets.

    Thin is also called American style or onion skin.  It is the fastest burning flash paper  with small flame and is the most popular and is used in the majority of flash devices. Recommended for close up work. $13.50

    Premium sits in the middle between thin and thick and is preferred by many magicians/productions for specific effects. $13.50

    Thick is  slower burning, therefore a longer burning and  larger flame. Used in burning frame effects etc.  Allows you or an audience member to write on it. $13.50

    Coloured Flash Paper  burns with a standard yellow flame.  Made with an intermediate stock paper.  Wonderful for paper sculptures or helping to conceal flash items. $14.50 Red Flame Flash Paper Made with an intermediate white stock paper. Burns a bit faster than thick but slower than thin. It's perfect for effects such as the floating rose.  Very bright red flash, which is more blinding than other flash paper and also combines well with D'lites.  $14.50 Sparkle Flash Paper This is the Monte Carlo of flash papers.  Made with thick flash paper so it burns slow and bright with the added pleasure of sparkles.  A wonderful stage paper. Not recommended for use in close-up work.  Available as White or Black Paper $17.50 Flash Rose Paper     23 x 18cm  4 sheets per pack (comes with folding instructions)  $15.95
    Flash Screen Paper  For when you need LARGE Sheets  60 x 60 cm.  1 sheet per pack  $19.95   STOCK LEVEL IS THE NUMBER OF PACKS OF 4 SHEETS IN STOCK - For Flash SCREEN it is the number of single sheets in stock - 1 per pack.
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  • Need to smoke on stage? Or in a film?  Non -smoker?  Our Actor Puff Cigarettes are ideal. The  paper wrapped tube contains a cotton inner filling that is sprinkled with cornstarch which, when blown OUT, creates a smoking effect for just a few puffs. This product is not intended to be inhaled by the user. Features a simulated printed filter and a novel orange-red metallic "cherry" on the end that glints in the light, creating the effect of a glowing end. A bit of fake ash and burnt paper end completes the illusion of a real burning cigarette. These are inexpensive, but nicely made and can work out well when this type of prop is all that is needed. Well made, high quality.  Just blow and a puff of smoke comes out.   5-8 puffs per smoke, your mileage may vary.  Stock level is the number of packs of 10 we have in stock.  Pack of 10  $9.25 (Our Puff Cigarettes contain cornstarch- beware of Puff Cigarettes sold elsewhere containing Talc which are BANNED in Australia)      
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  •   These are legal to buy and use, however do not use on days of total fire ban/extreme heat conditions. Two sizes of cartridges 3 minute (35 cubic metres of smoke) $18.00  each  and 4 minute (70 cubic meters of smoke) $28.00 each


    Colour Smokes are classified as non-dangerous goods, no permits or licences are needed to purchase or use them.  However they have been developed for use by photographers, sfx technicians etc. USE RESPONSIBLY.  Instruction sheet included with every order.  Not for indoor use unless for air con testing etc. These are used to test smoke alarms systems!  Use common sense! PLEASE NOTE:  BLUE SMOKE can  sometimes throw to a bluish/purple colour as the smoke dissipates.    WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND THE USE OF BLUE FLAME/JET LIGHTERS TO LIGHT YOUR SMOKE EMITTERS.           Color smoke cartridges, due to the manufacturing process have colour streaks on the tube and the colour can be seen at the top (the part you light) NEUTRAL COLOUR SMOKE TUBES!  ALL BLACK IN COLOUR.  IF YOU ORDER BOTH PINK AND BLUE THEY WILL BE IN SEPARATE PACKS WITH A BLUE OR PINK STICKER ON THE PACKET. 3 minute black tube $20.50  4 minute black tube $30.50   SMOKE EMITTER HOLDER               Smoke holder for our 3 minute and 4 minute colour smoke cartridges.  Disc deflects smoke from you hand.  You can hold smoke for full burn time.  Re-useable. $12.00 DISPOSABLE SMOKE HOLDER            Simply pop your smoke into the holder. When you have finished with your smoke, just dispose of into your rubbish.   $2.50 each.  Please note we restrict the number of these tubes to the number of smoke emitters ordered.  They only ship with smoke emitter order.  For  3 minute  and 4 minute smoke. IF YOU WANT A SURPRISE REVEAL In the drop down menu under each product, there is a choice I WILL EMAIL YOU. Choose this option. Then get your Doctor, family member or friend to EMAIL US with the colour required.  It is important to put the NAME and EMAIL address used to place the order in the email.  We do not accept phone calls for this option.

    Do you know we have COLOUR POWDER BLASTERS !

    Check them out here!

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  • Igniters


    Looking to ignite our smoke emitters?  Check out our Smoke Emitter Electronic Kit HERE


    The POWERplus Igniter is a new state-of-the art igniter for popping balloons and lighting flash cotton/paper Requires 9v power – 9v Duracell or similar battery.   SIMPLY tape to a balloon (at the widest part).  Then touch the wires to a battery and BAM!   50cm wires.  If you need to extend the wires, use similar wire to that on the igniter. $3.00 each  


                      Required for use with the  Universal Flash Kit Mini Flash Pot.  These are SINGLE USE ONLY. When electricity from a standard battery (approx 3-9 volts) is applied to the igniter leads the igniter’s nichrome wire will become immediately hot enough to ignite any of our Flash Paper, Flash Cotton and Slow Cotton. 20cm wire. SureFire Igniters can also be used to ignite our colour smoke cartridges. Info sheet included with orders. $2.75 each  


                  Talon Igniters use a nichrome wire.  9v battery works fine.  Can be used to pop balloons and even light our Smoke Matches - these work well in SFX models etc. Not recommended for our Smoke Emitters. 50cm wire $2.50 each  
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  • Flash Cotton

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  • Gender Reveal Cannons

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