You will get great reactions when taking your wallet out of your pocket and when opening it, flames will burst out of it. Astonished by the flames, you close it and the flames completely disappear  , so when you open again the wallet everything you had in there is still there and you can continue to the next trick.

It is perfect as an opener and takes for sure the attention of the audience.  This ZAP fire wallet is ingeniously made and works perfectly.

It has an automatic ELECTRONIC igniter that works perfectly, it is easy to activate and less noisy than the classic flint system ones. Just pushing a button with your left thumb.  The ignition works so well that your fire wallet will already burn if you open just a little.  So one immediately sees fire!

In the exceptional case that the ignition does not work (or you have forgotten to turn on the unit  or charge it), there is a backup “flint system” on it.  Easy to charge with the supplied cable. Plug this into your USB charger or computer.  The fire wallet works on lighter fluid such as Zippo, which is not included.  $129.00  Size: 11.5x10x2cm