Uranin Green Additive

ULTRA GREEN liquids, semi solids for Emergency Service training, films, movies. Totally non hazardous.   Also glows under UV Light.   The powder looks orange, but in water turns to an amazing green colour.

Usage:  1-20 grams is enough for over 1000 lts of yellow-green water. Start with a low dosage and increase as required.  For 1 lt, dipping a toothpick into the powder is enough.  Excellent product for Emergency Services drills and movies etc.
Environmentally friendly. Can be detected in the dark with UV lighting.   25gm $30   50gm  $50  100gm $85

NOT to be used as a food colouring.    To make a solid mix, use our SNOW POWDER

A bit of trivia: The colour of its solution varies from green to orange as a function of the way it is observed: by reflection or by transmission, as can be noticed in spirit  levels for example. In which Uranin is added as a colour to the alcohol filling the tube in order to increase the visibility of the air bubble contained within (thus enhancing the precision of the instrument). More concentrated solutions of fluorescein can even appear red.