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Titanium powder is used to create a ‘sparkle’ effect when fire dancing – white particles will jump off your fire toy – initially in great numbers, and then in bursts when bumped or shocked – such as catching a staff, collision of fire swords or  impact reversal of fire poi.   Just like our Demon Dust  and Cacia powder are over the top…so is our TITANIUM POWDER…..Feedback from one of our amazing clients: INSANE!!   Our Titanium Powder is a blend of several grades/mesh sizes that give an awesome effect.  This product MUST NOT be used in flash devices such as flash guns etc.


How to use the titanium powder ?

First soak your wicks with the same fuel you are used to using. Then take titanium filings and sprinkle it on your wicks. Kind of like putting salt on your meal.

Use a dry container to collect excess powder that has not been absorbed by the Kevlar.  Ignite ! Your equipment will spark around you as you dance :-).

Avoid contact with the eyes. The powder should be kept dry. Do not immerse your wet equipment in the powder container. The rest of the powder will then be difficult or impossible to use.

200 gram bottle  $29.00