Moulded and seamlessly cast from a genuine cigar. These hand painted little gems are perfect for the Nate Leipzig Cigar Routine and other cigar manipulation routines. Pictures DO NOT give these cigars the justice they deserve!  140mm long including ash.

We feel that our Leipzig Cigars are the finest, most realistic, affordable imitation cigars on the market for the discerning close-up performer.

Real cigars are nice to use in your routine, but they’re not very durable and they won’t last…..ours will. And the “vintage style” paper band is removable.

Not too heavy and not too light and road tough. Hand made and hand painted, one at a time and no two are alike in subtle ways. Finally being coated in a dead flat, clear acrylic.

No instructions are supplied. May we recommend “The Dai Vernon Book of Magic” by Lewis Ganson and “Cigar Manipulations” by Jack Chanin.

These ARE NOT plastic “toy cigars” found in costume shops. Our Leipzig Cigars are hand made by a magician, for magicians.  Nate would be proud.  $55.00