A garden of mystery blooms in every chapter of this valuable book. Every magic shop in the world carries the little pocket of paper and springs that quickly become a beautiful bouquet. This book gives you many ideas for new spring flower effects to add that exciting display of colour to your act.  31 PAGES  Published 1991  $8.95

Within its pages you will find knowledge on how to perform quality routines and performances using Spring Flowers.

The Basics…

Care & Storage

The Classic Tricks…

Flowers from a Cone, Gloves to Bouquet, Blooming News  

Newer Ideas…

Thin Air Production, Florist Magic, Bouquet in a Bag, Wrong Card!, Card in Hank, Four of Daisies, Snapping a Knot,  Pretty Card Trick, Flowering Paper Tree, On the Beat, 3-D Flowers, A Centrepiece,A Second Load
Garden Production, Name a Flower, Flash Appearance