The highest quality,  fluffiest brand of instant snow. The amount of water added into the dry powder depends on the recipe that you follow. 

Our Instant Snow is simply the most realistic and highest quality fake snow you can buy. You can create play areas, photo areas, and use instant snow for small and large events where kids and adults will play in the snow for hours, or days.
You can create artificial snow decorations by just adding water; it mixes itself in a few seconds.  At any temperature, you can play in our fake snow on the ground and make snow angels, snow decorations, etc. without getting cold or wet as the water is trapped inside the snow.

Generally 1 tsp of dry instant snow can be fluffed up to more than 1 cup of ‘snow’.

SnoWonder is the best quality instant snow on the market.

    • Made in the USA. 
    • 100% safe and friendly to the environment
    • Non-toxic.


1 quart packet of SnowWonder Instant Snow packaged in a ziptop bag that can make up to 950ml  of instant snow!  $2.50

1 gallon packet of SnoWonder Instant Snow packaged in a ziptop bag that can make up to 4.7 lts of instant snow! $8.00

Important Information

※ You can use snow indoors or in a shaded outdoor play area (kid’s pool, water table, sandbox, grass with tarp underneath).

※ For snowballs put the mixed snow in a freezer for about 45 minutes.

※ If snow starts looking dry, refresh it with a spray of water. To keep it feeling cold, use ice water. You can also sprinkle it with ice chips to keep it cool.

※ Clean up by removing snow and reusing (see below) or mixing into garden soil, where it will help retain soil moisture. Pick up with broom or vacuum and dispose of as waste. DO NOT put in sink or drain as it may clog, and do not try to water it away as it will turn to slush. Slush can be broken down with ordinary salt.

※ Reuse by letting guests take a bag of snow home. Or, spread very thin on plastic (indoors) and let it dry out for reuse at a later date. You can also store wet snow in bags for a limited time.