SNOWSTORM confetti is used in the famous SNOWSTORM FAN magic trick.

It can also be fired from some of our Flash Guns etc.

EACH packet has 12 packs of Snowstorm Confetti.  $8.95    StarShape has 9 packs per outer packet $8.95


FLAME RETARDANT Using new technology flame-retardant paper, prevent fire effectively, safe and reliable. Can be used in places with high safety requirements such as bars, theatres etc.

Flame retardant IS supplied as blocks.




1. Blowing: When you fan the paper it will scatter without hand rubbing as it uses special paper to solve the problem of electrostatic issues.

2. Tightness .This new snowstorm uses a new pressing method to make it compact and tight. Does not breakup when handling.

3. Thinness: Half thinness of standard snowstorm m, but the same quantity. . This advantage makes it much more easier to hide and carry. As the new snowstorm using thinner and lighter paper, it will increase the time of flying in the air  and make a better stage effect.

4. Color:  Pure white and intense multicolour   $19.95 per pack, (12 packets of snowstorm)