The mother of all tack products!









A miracle removable putty  originally developed to  secure  in place valuable statues, crystal, glass, vases and more from accidental breakage, theft and earthquakes.  (AND I’m looking at you cat!) Proven to deter theft and breakage, yet removes easily with a twist. It works! It’s so simple! Ready to use.

 * Removable * Re-useable * Works on wood *Excellent for: Antiques * Collectibles * Plates * Glassware * Statues * Figurines * Vases * Crystal * Pottery * Pictures * Bottles * Steins * in RV’s & Boats too * The uses are endless! Collectors Hold! Works Best On: Glass Shelves * China Cabinets * Lacquered Wood * Furniture * Time * Painted Gloss Wood and Walls, etc.  Great for SFX, Photo/Video work.

Removable, reusable and non-toxic Museum Putty secures antiques, collectibles and more from falling and breaking. Pull off amount needed, roll it in your fingers until soft, apply to base of object. Lightly press object to surface. Remove by twisting and lifting from base. Comes off clean, works on most surfaces and walls. Won’t damage furniture.   75gram packet  $19.95