This oil lamp is designed for fire performers.

The lamp size is not huge, so it easy to transport, but the wick size is large. It has a stable  holder what keeps the lamp safe from falling off and raises the lamp. There is a refilling hole with safe closing to make easy and clean for refilling.

There is a nice cap to kill the fire easily and safely. It helps to keep the wick cover while you transport. it means you don’t need to empty the lamp after each show;  you can transport the lamp with the oil inside, just make sure to keep it upright.

The lamp is 150mm wide, and 100mm deep. It will burn for several hours. The lamp comes with a fibreglass wick, stand and wick cover.  Available in Chrome or Copper colour.  720gms  $115.00 each

Smokeless Lamp Oil  1 lt  $12.00   4lt  $39.00