This is the ONLY way to take out a match! Enables you to produce a lit match from your pocket, behind your collar, under your lapel, wherever you want!   Why do something ordinary when you can do the same thing magically? Let’s say you’re in a restaurant & the candle on the table is unlit. Of course the mere mortal removes a match, strikes it & ignites the candle. Not you, the magician! You reach into your jacket, or under your lapel & like magic, a lit match appears! Works all the time & it’s reusable by simply replacing the striking gimmick.

This is such a versatile gimmick! A touch of magic with more flair than striking a matchbox, when you want a match for some effect in your act.  It can be used with SO MANY tricks! Any trick that you use fire with, The Automatic Lit Match Producer will add a great piece of magic & flair to it!  Snap lock to hold match tight! Striking surface can be replaced.  Set of 3