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The POWERplus Igniter is a new state-of-the art igniter for popping balloons and lighting flash cotton/paper

Requires 9v power – 9v Duracell or similar battery.   SIMPLY tape to a balloon (at the widest part).  Then touch the wires to a battery and BAM!   50cm wires.  If you need to extend the wires, use similar wire to that on the igniter.

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Required for use with the  Universal Flash Kit Mini Flash Pot.  These are SINGLE USE ONLY. When electricity from a standard battery (approx 3-9 volts) is applied to the igniter leads the igniter’s nichrome wire will become immediately hot enough to ignite any of our Flash Paper, Flash Cotton and Slow Cotton. 20cm wire. SureFire Igniters can also be used to ignite our colour smoke cartridges. Info sheet included with orders.

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Talon Igniters use a nichrome wire.  9v battery works fine.  Can be used to pop balloons and even light our Smoke Matches – these work well in SFX models etc. Not recommended for our Smoke Emitters. 50cm wire

$2.50 each


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Power Plus Igniters Each, Power Plus Igniters Pack of 10, Sure Fire Igniters Each, Sure Fire Igniters Pack of 12, Talon Each, Talon Pack of 10


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