These are replacement igniters and are included in devices that require them, such as our Brass Flash Guns, Wands and Universal Flash Kit products.  They are made to work dozens of times; however, sometimes they burn out, become broken, or need to be replaced.  Follow the directions that accompany your device for proper replacement. 

IMPORTANT:  We do not recommend using Duracell or Energizer Max batteries with Glo-Plug operated devices. These “overcharged” batteries supply too much voltage and will prematurely burn out your plug.  We recommend using regular Energizer or standard alkaline batteries only!

These new Glo-Plugs will operate properly between 1-3v DC (aka 1-2 AA, AAA, or “N” size batteries).  However, using a 3 volt power source does not mean a better effect!  While using at lower voltages “may” cause a very slight delay in firing your device (we’re talking about milliseconds), this will greatly extend the life of your plug!  If you have an older Globe-Plug devices that specifically requires a “3v” plug, you can still use these new Glo-Plugs but we recommend reducing your power voltage by using a battery spacer (aka “Dummy Battery”) or simply use “slightly used” batteries in your device.   $19.00 each