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Guess what would happen if you held a small piece of the silvery metal gallium in your hand? In a few minutes, it would melt and soon trickle through your fingers! Gallium, being one of just four metals that liquify very close to room temperature, though not at room temperature (25°C) like Mercury, just the warmth of your palm would be enough to melt it. The other three metals are rubidium, caesium, and francium. However, the difference between gallium and these others is that gallium is considered non-toxic and safe to hold, whereas handling the others could result in serious injuries to your hand or adverse effects on your health.

And guess how we routinely come in close contact with this interesting element, perhaps every day? Smartphones, calculators, household thermometers, high-speed internet connections in homes and offices… gallium is present in all of these.

Gallium in its ultra-pure form has a shiny, silvery appearance and has a smooth texture like glass. At room temperature it is a solid that is soft enough to be cut with a knife and can be melted with just the warmth of the palm, its melting point being just under 30°C.

This unique property makes gallium the right metal for making trick cutlery. Unsuspecting persons handed a shiny, metal spoon to stir sugar in their tea would find to their shock and surprise that the spoon disappears into the hot beverage right before their eyes. Unknown to them, the mystery metal would form a glittering puddle at the bottom of the cup. The gallium spoon trick is a classic prank that has to be seen to be believed.

What is also extraordinary about gallium is that it has the widest temperature range of any metal in the liquid state, remaining a liquid for a range of well over 2,000°C. While it melts just below 30°C, liquid gallium boils only at around 2200°C, a property that makes it ideal for use in high temperature thermometers.


DO NOT put Gallium on metal surfaces, especially aluminium.  It bonds destructively with the metal.  Gallium is BANNED from transport on aircraft ….that’s a big aluminium tube!

A bit about WEIGHT VS VOLUME :

10 grams:   Aprox 6.5 ml   $20.00

25 grams:   Approx 16 ml  $35.00

50 grams:  Approx 32ml   $65.00

All sizes come with a 10 ml syringe to “vacuum” up Gallium to put back in your bottle.  A set of 3 square mini moulds, and an information sheet.

Professional Gallium Spoon Kit  $225.00 each (does NOT come with Gallium Metal)

(To make a dissolving spoon with the Pro Kit, you will need approx 25 grams of Gallium to fill the mould, though we suggest 50grams so you have enough to work with).

Small Spoon $5.00  approx 8 x 2 cm (does NOT come with Gallium Metal

Silicone mould, to get a normal thickness, use around 10-15 grams of gallium

Filling the mould takes 40gm of gallium, but the spoon is very thick.