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Best PRODUCT, Best PRICE.  All below are 25 x 20cm sheets  Packets of 4 sheets.

Thin is also called American style or onion skin.  It is the fastest burning flash paper  with small flame and is the most popular and is used in the majority of flash devices. Recommended for close up work. $13.50

Premium sits in the middle between thin and thick and is preferred by many magicians/productions for specific effects. $13.50

Thick is  slower burning, therefore a longer burning and  larger flame. Used in burning frame effects etc.  Allows you or an audience member to write on it. $13.50

Coloured Flash Paper  burns with a standard yellow flame.  Made with an intermediate stock paper.  Wonderful for paper sculptures or helping to conceal flash items. $14.50

Red Flame Flash Paper Made with an intermediate white stock paper. Burns a bit faster than thick but slower than thin. It’s perfect for effects such as the floating rose.  Very bright red flash, which is more blinding than other flash paper and also combines well with D’lites.  $14.50

Sparkle Flash Paper This is the Monte Carlo of flash papers.  Made with thick flash paper so it burns slow and bright with the added pleasure of sparkles.  A wonderful stage paper. Not recommended for use in close-up work.  Available as White or Black Paper $17.50

Flash Rose Paper     23 x 18cm  4 sheets per pack (comes with folding instructions)  $15.95

Flash Screen Paper  For when you need LARGE Sheets  60 x 60 cm.  1 sheet per pack  $19.95


STOCK LEVEL IS THE NUMBER OF PACKS OF 4 SHEETS IN STOCK – For Flash SCREEN it is the number of single sheets in stock – 1 per pack.

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