A modified lighter  that enables you to produce a huge flame from it – exactly when you want it. A great gimmick  that you can use every time you need fire: to the candle, to the casserole, to the torch, to the cigarette or to burn the envelopes. The lighter works perfectly normal until you want more “power” to it, and a giant flame pops up.

The flame is created using a bulb  that you lightly press with your hand holding the lighter. In the bulb is Dragon’s Breath (Lycopodium) that you must have put inside before the show. Once it is “charged” you can make 5-10 big puffs.

Both for close-up and stage use. Supplied with instructions and small bottle of Lycopodium powder (30ml).  Your can buy more lycopodium here :

Small 30ml Bottle.

Bulk Supply