The Fire Frisbee has a stable flight. The Kevlar wick should be soaked in lamp oil. DO NOT USE SOLVENTS, METHO ETC!!!   The burning time depends mainly on the distance at which the frisbee is thrown but also on the weather conditions. Usually, you have several minutes of fun in front of you with an ignition. When the flame gets smaller, it needs to be blown out and soaked again. This will prevent you from ending up with the Fire Frisbee that goes out in mid-flight. You can buy lamp oil from your usual supplier of fire fluids or purchase from us HERE.

During combustion, the  Fire Frisbee must always be kept in a horizontal position so as not to cause damage to the ring which is made of plastic. It would melt if you don’t use it right. The fire equipment is intended for use by fire professionals. Experience with fire equipment is required to use this item. The chains will heat up, it is necessary to space the uses so that the equipment has time to cool down. 

Fire products are inherently dangerous.

They are designed and sold to be used by professional entertainers. Manufacturer or seller assumes no liability for misuse.

The Effects Shop and its partners are not liable for any damage, injury or death caused by the intentional use or misuse of any of the products contained herein.

It is understood and agreed that the customer assumes responsibility and full liability at time of purchase.

If you have not used fire products before, get training from a suitable mentor in our profession. All sales are final.


Available in Red or Orange  External Diameter:  32cm.  Kevlar length:  50mm  Weight: 150 grams.    $59.00 each

This is a quick video – this item has just been released. But you get the idea!