Efesto 3

Efesto 3

The essential accessory for professional magicians and enthusiasts of special effects!

This mini flash pot has been specifically designed for those who want to create a burst of fire whenever and wherever they desire, without having to use complex electronic equipment. Just load it with some flash cotton, and you’re ready to go!

EFESTO is always ready to use and can be easily palmed in the hand or attached to the magician’s suit thanks to the special holder.   EFESTO does not contain electronics, making it even simpler to use. Once loaded with flash cotton, just ignite the flint to produce an impressive burst of fire.

The set includes:  Efesto    Holder   Extra flint   2 brackets  Plastic box  Instructions  $55.00

To order THIN  flash paper CLICK HERE  and flash cotton CLICK HERE

FYI…because EFESTO does NOT use electronics, you can use red flame cotton or sparkle cotton as well!