Cry-on-Cue Tear Drops – 50ml

Create realistic glycerine tears or runny nose using the handy teardrop dispenser, or apply with a sponge/spray bottle for a beaded sweat effect. Won’t dry.

APPLICATION: FOR TEARS: gently squeeze the bottle to dispense a teardrop onto the skin of the actor. For a tear to run out of the eye on cue, place the tear just on the rim of the tear duct and get the actor to blink to make the tear run down the face on cue. FOR SWEAT: Using Cry-on-Cue Tear Drops in a small spray bottle, spray the liquid onto the skin to create fine beads of sweat that last longer than water for continuity. For larger sweat beads, Cry-on-Cue Tear Drops can be patted onto the skin using a stipple sponge. PRO TIP: For realistic snot or pus, add a small drop of white/yellow Global Colours liquid body paint to tint the Cry-on-Cue Tear Drops as desired. This can then be placed at the nostrils or in a wound for gross snotty/oozing effects.  50ml  $10.95

REMOVAL: Simply use a makeup wipe to remove.

Ingredients: 100% Glycerine (Soy/Rapeseed based). Not derived from Palm Oil. Vegan Friendly. Not tested on animals.

ALLERGEN WARNING: contains soy.