A perfect candle if you want to extinguish candles at a séance (use CO2 pumped through the candlestick holder – and it is secretly piped up to the flame), or for other magical purposes.

Also works fine for self-lighting candles if you want to run invisible electrical wires through the candle and let a glow-wire light the wick when current is applied. You an even pump Lycopodium  through the secret channels (on your own risk!). Or combine a self-lighting and self extinguishing candle with wires into two channels and extinguishing gas into the other channels.

The candle will greatly simplify rigging as the four channels allow you to rig any of the above effects without being visible from the side. Note that the channels travel almost down to the bottom of the candle – so you will either have to cut the bottom of a party or drill through it, in order to pump gas or pull wires all the way through the candle. These have been used by the top SFX people overseas and have been kept an SFX industry secret.

The candle is made from the highest quality materials and the wick will burn normally with a deep yellow flame for approximately 6 hours.