Blood Powder allows you to realistically create the sudden appearance of bloody effects. Great for use for Film, TV and Stage, it allows an actor to create a wound right in front of the audience’s eyes!

Blood Powder should be applied thinly and uniformly to the required, dry section of the actor’s skin using a powder puff or powder brush. Applied in this way, Blood Powder is virtually invisible until wet. The object (knife, razor etc) intended to cause the fake wound is coated with a wet medium (diluted transparent jelly or glycerin diluted with water both work well). The weapon is then placed in contact with the area of the skin covered with Blood Powder during a scene. A trickle of artificial blood will appear, with the amount depending on the amount of moisture applied.  Dust it on with a powder brush and then drag a wet butter knife across it.  It looks like you’re making a scalpel incision.  Dust it on and then use a water spritzer bottle to spray it and it’ll look like road rash.  The possibilities are endless.

Please note: Blood Powder cannot be removed from textile fabrics. It can be removed from some surfaces only with difficulty. In order to prevent staining of the actor’s skin, Blood Powder should be applied to skin that has first been given a protective shield of greasepaint or a barrier foam.  10 grams $17.95