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BioShine Confetti  Cannons- Custom Filled With Biodegradable Metallic Confetti


At last you can bring a sparkle to your event, with our new biodegradable metallic confetti cannons.

Shiny on one side and tissue on the other creates a beautiful flicker as it falls – and no more single use plastic!

  • Premium Quality hand-held confetti cannons
  • Simply twist to shoot a spectacular burst of biodegradable metallic glitter confetti
  • 40 cm cannon
  • Air powered and flame retardant confetti
  • BioShine Confetti- Biodegradable Metallic Confetti for sparkling events
  • Unlike traditional metallic confetti, our BioShine Confetti is made from tissue. It has one shiny side and the other coloured tissue, giving a beautiful flashing effect as it falls.
  • It is fully biodegradable so can be safely used outdoors or in marquees where it is likely to be carried outside on people’s shoes.
  • It is also flame proof and an ideal solution to the challenge of reducing single use plastic at eco events.
  • Available in Pink Tissue/Pink Shiny, Blue Tissue/Blue Shiny, Pink Tissue/Gold Shiny, White Tissue/Gold Shiny,  Black Tissue/Gold Shiny.
  • $25.00 each

Pink  Tissue/ Pink Shiny in photo.