Our fast blood pump kit with a special valve allows you to connect it to a plastic bottle.  THEN PUMP AWAY for when you need that big hit of blood flow under clothing.  Remove the brass nozzle and you can “squirt” blood, or add the Air Squib Nozzle for pumping blood (see video). It includes pump, 1m air squib tubing, brass nozzle and air squib nozzle, 2 metres of silicone tubing (to extend airsquib tubing). 10 mini cable ties (to attach the tubing to the AirSquib nozzle  and 1 lt clear bottle. (You can use standard plastic soft drink bottles for other colour liquids).  Does NOT include blood. $45.00

Blood is available in 250ml $10.00 and 1 lt $35.00

Here as some other great ideas with the Artery Pump.