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A Terrible Coffee…
Take a coffee cup and add salt and pepper… these are the initial ingredients for the coffee.
Then, add water, mayonnaise and tomato sauce.
Finally, pass a lighter under the cup, and incredibly, the cup will produce a flame! When you shake the cup, confetti will come out.
Provided in a ready-to-use briefcase.    $199.00    Comes with 2 x 6gm Slush Powder (for 2 uses) and “black pepper”:  30gm.

You will need to buy Flash Cotton and Confetti.  We also have extra Slush Powder and “black pepper”.

With the standard white confetti, 50gm pack, you use about 1.5 grams per fill.  You may also what to use our Snow Storm confetti.

Flash Cotton White 5 gm  $9.75    White Confetti 50gm Pack  $5.00     “Black Pepper”  50gm $4.00  Slush Powder  70gm  $12.00