Need to smoke on stage? Or in a film?  Non -smoker?  Our Actor Puff Cigarettes are ideal.

The  paper wrapped tube contains a cotton inner filling that is sprinkled with cornstarch which, when blown OUT, creates a smoking effect for just a few puffs. This product is not intended to be inhaled by the user. Features a simulated printed filter and a novel orange-red metallic “cherry” on the end that glints in the light, creating the effect of a glowing end. A bit of fake ash and burnt paper end completes the illusion of a real burning cigarette.

These are inexpensive, but nicely made and can work out well when this type of prop is all that is needed.

Well made, high quality.  Just blow and a puff of smoke comes out.   5-8 puffs per smoke, your mileage may vary.  Stock level is the number of packs of 10 we have in stock.  Pack of 10  $9.25

(Our Puff Cigarettes contain cornstarch- beware of Puff Cigarettes sold elsewhere containing Talc which are BANNED in Australia)