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A European bulb-thread filled with metal wool. When the bulb is connected to battery voltage, the wool lights up with enormous power! One bulb is equivalent to about 50 x 60 watt bulbs lit for two seconds. Use 4.5 to 24 (NOT 240V) volt to ignite to fire the bulb. The bulb will be hot for a short time. Simulates the light from an explosion – but with no sound or smoke.  

Several hundred of these bulbs were used to “blow up a floor” in the movie “Die Hard” where all bulbs were rigged to fire when only one firing button was pressed. Was also used in the final sequence of “Raiders of the Lost Arc” where the bad guys are pierced by light beams. In this case, the actors were protected with insulation and CGI-elements were added.  Often used in movies for the nuclear white out effect.  Will only work once. Sensitive to static electricity.  REQUIRES  EDISON SCREW IN BASE.