Hello! Just a heads up – you’ve got to be 18 years or older to pick up anything from this sweet website. By placing an order, you’re confirming that you’re over 18 and are totally cool with taking full responsibility for any mishaps or hiccups that might occur from using these goodies.

Just so you know, these products are all about the stage, theatre, and film life. They’re strictly meant to be props, nothing else.  The Effects Shop won’t be held accountable for any accidents or injuries that happen from not using these products the right way.

And let’s talk about fire products… They’re seriously no joke! Even the pros can have slip-ups, and we want you to be super careful. Only grab ’em if you’ve got the proper training and know-how. It’s on you to make sure you’re all set to handle any products or props you snag from us.

If you’re new to the fire and flash game, find someone pro to give you the lowdown. Oh, and just to be clear, these fiery treats aren’t for the kids. Once you’ve made your purchase, that’s that – no turning back.

So, to sum it up – stay safe, be responsible, and have a blast!


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