So, whether you’re looking to create a classic haunted house vibe or go all out with a truly terrifying display, we’ve got you covered. Our collection of cobwebs and barb wire will add that perfect eerie touch to any corner of your home or party venue. And if you really want to make an entrance, our confetti cannons will shower your guests in a tempest of spooky fun.

But we don’t stop there. Our assortment of bats, insects, and other creepy crawlies will have your guests squirming with delight. And for those who want to take things up a notch, we have an extensive selection of blood effects that are sure to send shivers down everyone’s spines. From realistic splatter patterns to gory handprints, we have everything you need to turn your Halloween into a truly chilling experience.

So come on down to The Effects Shop and let your imagination run wild. With our wide range of Halloween items, the only limit is your own creativity.

  • These are not toy shop novelty capsules.  HIGH QUALITY Safe in Mouth blood mix.  No more trying to get powder filled capsules to dissolve in the mouth. Check for potential staining before use. Set of 20  capsules and Safe Blood in nozzle bottle.  $29.00 Available in Gelatine or Vegetable Gelatine: 100% Food-Grade Beef Gelatine and purified water. BSE Free. GMO Free. Gluten-Free. Preservative Free. Vegetable: No animal content - suitable for vegans.  Made from HPMC  (plant cellulose)  and purified water.  Gluten-Free.  Dairy Free.  Preservative Free.
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  • Fake Blood Looking and flowing like real blood, Global Colours' Fake Blood is available in 1lt  and  4L Jerry Can for large-scale horror/fight scenes where a large quantity of blood is required. It is easily removed from skin and hair, but may stain clothing. Pro Tip: To remove blood stains from the skin, massage in a small amount of shaving foam. The staining disappears! 1 lt $29.95   4 lt $89.95 Stage Blood Global Colours' 250ml  and 1 lt Stage Blood is ideal for creating gory Halloween special effects and wounds. This viscous arterial Stage Blood  is perfect for creating slow-dripping blood effects as it will continue to drip and not dry out. It is easily removed from skin and hair, but may stain clothing. Want a thinner blood for spraying/splattering? Simply tip some Global Colours Stage Blood into an atomiser (such as a water spray bottle), add a small amount of warm water and you're ready to  create gruesome blood explosions! Pro Tip: To remove blood stains from the skin, massage in a small amount of shaving foam. The staining disappears!  250ml $17.95  1 lt $49.95 Stage Squirt Blood In a handy nozzle bottle, Global Colours' Squirt Blood is water-based (not syrup-based) so it is runnier and less viscous than Stage Blood. Ideal for splatter effects or for gory special effects where faster-dripping, squirting or gushing blood is desired. Also good for dried blood effects as this water-based blood will dry on the skin over time.  It is easily removed from skin and hair, but may stain clothing. Pro Tip: To remove blood stains from the skin, massage in a small amount of shaving foam. The staining disappears!  50ml  $6.95
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  • Artery Blood Kit

    Our fast blood pump kit with a special valve allows you to connect it to a plastic bottle.  THEN PUMP AWAY for when you need that big hit of blood flow under clothing.  Remove the brass nozzle and you can "squirt" blood, or add the Air Squib Nozzle for pumping blood (see video). It includes pump, 60cm tubing, brass nozzle and air squib nozzle,  10 mini cable ties (to attach the tubing to the AirSquib nozzle)  and 1 lt clear bottle. (You can use standard plastic soft drink bottles for other colour liquids).  Does NOT include blood.  Check out our range of Blood Products HERE Here as some other great ideas with the Artery Pump.
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  • Slow Blood Kit

    For when you need just a slow blood look.  Such as a stab wound etc. Or for re-enactments. Does not have the "punch" of an air squib hit but great when you just need slow - seeping blood. Remember: use a thin shirt or a porous costume. Nozzles can be re-used numerous times and will last for years. Complete with 1 air squib nozzle, 1 x pre-cut backing tape for attaching nozzle to clothing , 1x 10ml, 1 x 50ml  syringe, 1 metre tubing,  10 cable ties (these should be used on the tubing attached to both the air squib nozzle and the syringe). KIT ONLY - blood NOT included.
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  • Blood Powder allows you to realistically create the sudden appearance of bloody effects. Great for use for Film, TV and Stage, it allows an actor to create a wound right in front of the audience's eyes! Blood Powder should be applied thinly and uniformly to the required, dry section of the actor’s skin using a powder puff or powder brush. Applied in this way, Blood Powder is virtually invisible until wet. The object (knife, razor etc) intended to cause the fake wound is coated with a wet medium (diluted transparent jelly or glycerin diluted with water both work well). The weapon is then placed in contact with the area of the skin covered with Blood Powder during a scene. A trickle of artificial blood will appear, with the amount depending on the amount of moisture applied.  Dust it on with a powder brush and then drag a wet butter knife across it.  It looks like you're making a scalpel incision.  Dust it on and then use a water spritzer bottle to spray it and it'll look like road rash.  The possibilities are endless. Please note: Blood Powder cannot be removed from textile fabrics. It can be removed from some surfaces only with difficulty. In order to prevent staining of the actor’s skin, Blood Powder should be applied to skin that has first been given a protective shield of greasepaint or a barrier foam.  10 grams $20.00
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  • Thick Blood


    This blood mix is a dark blood mix, when smeared it give a dark red color.   Great for use on walls, body etc. Does not bead on skin. Can be diluted with approximately 75% water for use in syringe pumps, air squib systems etc.

    Our stage blood very rarely stains costumes, fabric, sets/props or people, but  IT WILL stain untreated concrete/gypsum, wood and other sponge-like porous materials, and occasionally it may stain family heirlooms and famous people.  Clean up with a rag in warm/hot water.

    This blood is non staining, though if used repeatedly on the same spot, some color may become present.  The more it is thinned with water, the greater the staining potential.  Always test on fabrics before use.  NOT for use in mouth.  Use our SAFE BLOOD below for a blood that can be used in the mouth.

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